Brian Conter
Field Technician


Brian started his geological and geotechnical career almost 15 years ago. He received training and experience during his two years with Allan E. Seward Engineering Geology, Inc. During his tenure, Brian worked as a field and geotechnical laboratory technician where he learned the procedures for geologic/geotechnical observations and soil testing for projects during construction. He also improved his knowledge by taking Geology courses at a local college.

Brian joined GeoConcepts in 2000 as a Senior Field Technician to perform geologic and geotechnical observations. Presently, he remains responsible for conducting observations for grading, shoring, foundations for a wide variety of projects including single-family residences, residential tracts, commercial developments, and industrial properties.


Portable Nuclear Density/Moisture Gauge Certified


Active Registration in California
Deputy Grading Inspector, City of Los Angeles
ICC Soils Special Inspector