Commercial Geological Inspection Services

GeoConcepts, Inc. provides Los Angeles geological inspection services, including soil testing, reporting, and consulting. While based in LA, we extend our services to clients throughout the state of California. Soil testing, reporting, and consulting are crucial before constructing or purchasing any building. When constructing a new structure, soil testing is often required in order to obtain a building permit. Testing also helps you prepare for or prevent hazards that may arise in the short or long-term. For example, soil analysis can alert buyers and agents to compressible soils, earthquake activity, landslides, water, saline levels, the presence of heavy metals, and expansive soils. Expansive soils are troublesome, as they expand when wet and shrink when dry, causing buildings to shift, heave, and settle.

Testing the soil before you build gives you the knowledge you need to properly adapt your structure to the environment. Our Los Angeles geological inspections are also helpful because, after the inspection, our engineers can make recommendations for foundation design, septic systems, grading, drainage, site remediation, and more.

From soil testing to geological sampling, reporting, and consulting, we offer our geotechnical services to commercial properties, agricultural areas, industrial developments, and other commercial projects. Our geotechnical reports alert business owners, contractors, developers, architects, and farmers to the presence of heavy metals, unhealthy soil salinity levels, and concerning pH levels. Our soil analyses also reveal potential problems for buildings or land areas in the hillside, including:

  • Landslides
  • Erosion
  • Gullies
  • Mudflows

Regardless of your commercial soil testing needs, our professional services are ideal for hillside or flatland structures. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you ensure the safety and quality of your building, crops, and land.