Geological Reporting and Consulting for Improvement Projects

GeoConcepts, Inc. provides a variety of geotechnical engineering sampling, testing, reports, and consulting services for home and business improvement projects. Whether you’re building a new swimming pool, adding tennis courts to an apartment or condo complex, installing a retaining wall, or building a deck off the back of your house, you can benefit greatly from our geological reports.

Our professional geotechnical engineering services are available for commercial and residential improvement projects in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California. By sampling and testing your soil, we’ll determine the types of soil present in the construction site and where each type is located. We can also test your soil for a variety of important factors, including soil strength, density, contamination, compaction, and expansive properties. Based on the test results, our engineers can make recommendations for foundation design, grading, drainage, concrete slab on grade, and more.

These services are important to businesses, homeowners, contractors, developers, and architects in a myriad of ways. The geological reports that we provide can alert you to the many issues related to building on flawed ground. For example, building on expansive soil can lead to expensive and catastrophic consequences. Because expansive soil swells when wet and shrinks when dried, your swimming pool, tennis court, deck, or other project can shift, heave, settle, and even crack. If expansive soil is present at your construction site, we can recommend a variety of solutions to help counteract these problems. Our testing can also alert you to the presence of:

  • Earthquake activity
  • Water
  • Compressible soils

Aside from the common-sense applications of soil testing, reports, and consulting, these services are often required in order to obtain building permits. Once the construction project is complete, our engineers can inspect the premises to ensure that everything complies with our recommendations. Contact us today to learn more about our geotechnical services for improvement projects.