Los Angeles Soil and Geological Services

Are you looking for a trusted soil engineer in Los Angeles, California? GeoConcepts, Inc. has long provided exceptional geotechnical and geological services to homeowners, contractors, developers, architects, and businesses in our area.

Services We Provide

Our geotechnical and geological services include:

  • Analyzing liquefication
  • Evaluating seismic faults
  • Soil reports
  • Geological and geotechnical engineering explorations
  • Soil and rock testing
  • Determining slope and excavation stability

We offer our services to commercial and residential sites. Whether hillside or flatland applications, our licensed geologists, engineers, and soils technicians can assist with almost any geotechnical need. We provide soil sampling, testing, reporting, and consulting services for the following residential projects:

  • Single-family residences including custom homes
  • Multi-family residences including condo and apartment complexes
  • Subdivisions
  • Residential tracts

We also provide our services to the following commercial projects:

  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial developments
  • Land use planning

At GeoConcepts, Inc., we combine the experience and expertise of Robert Sousa and Scott Walter to ensure professional, trustworthy, and reliable geotechnical services to clients in and around the Los Angeles area. We even offer our services to clients throughout the state of California. Our Los Angeles soil engineers test for soil strength, density, contamination, compaction, and expansiveness. Based on our reports, we can recommend ways to build, plant, or develop your project. Our recommendations can include foundation design, drainage, grading, earth support, septic systems, and more. These recommendations can help prevent catastrophic damage and expensive costs.

When you need a Los Angeles soil engineer to run sampling tests, ensure adherence to professional guidelines, or prepare you for the challenges of hillside living, GeoConcepts, Inc. is here to help. Call us at 818-994-8895 to experience professional soil testing and reporting—let’s work together!