Residential Soil Reporting and Testing Services

GeoConcepts offers professional soil testing services for residential projects in Los Angeles, California, and throughout The Golden State. Whether you’re a homeowner who would like to start growing a garden or an architect who needs to know whether the soil is suitable for a construction project, our soil testing services are here to help. GeoConcepts will determine the types of soil at your site, and we’ll also know where each is located. We even test your soil for strength, density, contamination, and compaction. Based on the results, our engineers can make recommendations for drainage, grading, foundation design, septic systems, and more.

In addition to soil testing, we provide trusted soil reporting and consulting services for single and multi-family residences, residential tracts, and entire subdivisions. Our soil reports alert to unhealthy concentrations of heavy metals, high salinity, and concerning pH levels. They can also alert homeowners and developers to potential issues caused by a variety of soil conditions, including:

  • Earthquake activity
  • Water
  • Compressible soils
  • Expansive soils

These reports are usually required for building permits. Our engineers are also available to inspect the premises after the construction project to ensure that the structure is in compliance with our recommendations.

For homes built in the hillside, our soil testing and consulting services can prove to be invaluable. Whether you’re building a new home or would like to inspect the grounds of an existing home before you make a purchase, soil analyses can make a huge difference in how you proceed in your situation. Hillside homes present many challenges, including:

  • Landslides
  • Erosion
  • Gullies
  • Mudflows

Regardless of your residential needs, our soil testing services are ideal for hillside or flatland homes. Contact us today to learn more about our soil testing, sampling, and consulting services.